Top 5 Cat Water Fountains

top-5-cat-water-fountainsHaving cats at home requires specific attention from you. Mainly on feeding them and ensuring that they are clean. Speaking of giving them food, it is important that they are eating and drink in the right place. Feeding solid food comes in the schedule, but your cat drinks water on random times. And so, cat water fountains are created to save you from the hassle. These are fountains regulated by the power source to keep it flowing, clean and free from sediments or food particles from your pet. When choosing for a cat water fountain, it is a must that it perfectly fits your preferences, so it will serve its purpose in your place. Hence, it is best to choose from the top cat water fountains available over at this site here. To give you suggestion, here are top 5 of such products.

NatureSPA Premium Pet Fountain. This cat water fountain can take to at most 58 ounces of water. It has a light that is a good guide for people in your place to not step on it during night time. NatureSPA Premium Pet Fountain has a special UV purifier and a charcoal filter that kills harmful bacteria in water and the machine automatically shuts off when the sensor predicted that water inside is low. This will save the machine from heating up as well as the water inside it.

Petsafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain. If you want something elegant and could be displayed in your place, then choose this cat water fountain. It is made from porcelain and comes with awesome colors of taupe, red, blue and white. The filtering of water is done by foam and carbon to ensure that the water is good to drink for your pets. This cat water fountain has a rectangular shape so your pets can drink from any direction. 

Cat Mate Pet Fountain. One of the main attraction of this cat water fountain is that it can carry to at most 70 ounces of water. So refilling on your end could be done for days or up to weeks. It has the special feature of filtering the sediments or foreign materials in the water. Also, it can accommodate more than two cats at a time. 

Petsafe Drinkwell360 Water Fountain. This product can accommodate more cats at a time due to it 360 design. Because of that, it can carry as much as 128 ounces of water, Petsafe Drinkwell360 Water Fountain has two filters- namely foam and activated carbon. And to meet your pet’s preferences, this cat water fountain comes in stainless steel material that is also easier to clean on your end. 

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Oval Stainless Fountain. This is designed for cats that prefer stainless steel material. Yes, some cats could be as choosy as that. Meanwhile, it has an advantage on your end. Because it is made from stainless steel, you will have an easier time cleaning each part. It also comes with a charcoal filter system to ensure that water is free from sediments or foreign materials.

Buying a cat water fountain will save you from doing it yourself as well as cleaning the water container the cat is drinking from. The mentioned products above have gone through reviews and that they topped the preferences of customers. Choosing one from them will guarantee you to have a good cat water fountain at home that will give your cat a fresh and wholesome drink.